Application Process in Brief

  • Please start by closely reading all the information on this and our main page describing the work-based training
  • Ensure you meet all of the entry requirements
  • Complete and submit the expression of interest form below to start a discussion with us about the most suitable training centre and answer any questions you may have
  • Begin your own research into the various training centres with vacancies
  • Contact training centres you’re interested in to confirm they have an vacancy and discuss a potential visit
  • Visit training centres that welcome you, provide any information they request and be sure to ask them details of the arrangements for trainees (there’s a list below of helpful questions to ask)
  • If you are accepted by a training centre to become a trainee, complete the application form for the training and submit to BDAC

Expression of Interest

In order to get to know you a little, support your enquiry about our training and help you find a suitable training centre, please answer the questions below in brief. We will respond shortly.

What area of agriculture are you interested in?

Information to find out from Training Centres

Here are some helpful questions that you may want to ask when talking to a potential training centre.

  • How many hours work per week?
  • What is the rate of pay (will be at least minimum wage)?
  • What are the weekend and holiday arrangements?
  • What if any accommodation is on offer and what are the costs?
  • What arrangements are there for food? Are there any shared meals? Can trainees get free/cheap farm/garden produce?
  • What will the work responsibilities be?
  • What will you be able to learn?
  • How is the internet access
  • Do they have their own application process or any of their own requirements (such as drivers license or DBS check) in addition to BDAC?

Application Form

Please download and complete this application form and return to BDAC only once you have been accepted by a training centre to join them as a trainee.