Over the last 12 years the Biodynamic Agricultural College (BDAC) has been developing and delivering courses on Biodynamics and regenerative food growing. Amongst other programmes, the college runs regular short courses on ‘Introduction to Biodynamics’ and a full-time accredited Work-based Learning (apprenticeship) programme.

The College is looking for new trustees who can help develop the College further. We are looking for people to help the College reach out to a wider audience, people who can support the college in making the organisation more robust and help lead it to a stronger future.

We are especially looking for people who can help us with outreach, marketing and branding, fundraising, developing new programmes and governance policies and structures.

The board meets 8 times a year (roughly every 6 weeks). The meetings are mostly remote with a minimum of one annual face to face meeting (usually in January).

If you are passionate about regenerative and biodynamic food growing and have professional skills and knowledge which can support the college, please contact the college: info@bdacollege.org.uk.

Please click here for the full job description – Thank you