Yatesbury House Farm

Yatesbury House Farm is a 534 ha family farm, on the edge of the Wiltshire downs near Avebury. Experience and tradition is combined with a deep-rooted belief that farming should work together with nature. The bio dynamic methods we use are a key part of achieving sustainable, natural and quality food.

Diverse ley mixtures, rotational grazing, no ploughing, reduced machinery size, having a closed farm, crop diversity, crops for wild bees other pollinators and farmlands birds all contribute to our developing soil and open landscape.


We are focused on providing the highest quality of produce with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

The Gantletts have been farming at Yatesbury since 1968 and are passionate and progressive in their approach to farming. The farm is mostly cereals with many fertility building crops and a 90 cow suckler herd for beef.

Observation and perception are critical skills in farming, we hope that anyone wishing to join us for the apprenticeship will want to develop those primary skills.We are keen to experiment and further develop our farm system to improve the soil, use less fossil fuel and provide a better environment for everyone (man, flora and fauna). Research on our farm will be an important part of the apprenticeship, collecting samples, storing and measuring carefully.

We are also looking for help in the day to day farming activities, learning skills of cattle husbandry, storing crops, field operations with tractors and also the critical farm maintenance tasks.

We are a small dedicated and focused team in a Wiltshire village and we hope you are interested what we are doing. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yatesbury House Farm Yatesbury, Calne, Wiltshire England SN11 8YF