Nantclyd Farm

Nantclyd is a small family farm above the Ystwyth valley close to Aberystwyth in west Wales and has been organically certified since 1989.

We are a diverse mixed small farm comprising of 2 separate units both situated on the west coast of Wales, so it can be cold, wet and windy and the work goes on.

We have poultry, cattle, sheep, grow arable crops, field veg, polytunnels, compost and do farmers markets so we can offer a wide variety of experience for an apprentice; equally you need to be happy to learn to pick up many threads and weave them together with an abundance of positive energy.

Given the diversity of what we do I consider it necessary for someone to do a 3 month trial before committing to a 2 year apprenticeship and it is essential to have some practical farm experience before applying.

If you are interested please contact Liz by email with details of your experience, contact details and reasons for wanting to do the apprenticeship, I will respond within 2days; further information can be found on the website, thank you.

Llanilar, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales