Fern Verrow

For the past twenty five years we have run our 16 acre certified Biodynamic farm, situated on the Welsh/ Herefordshire borders, at the foothills of The Black Mountains. This year, 2021 will be our seventh growing season working closely with chef Skye Gyngell, growing vegetables, fruit and flowers specifically for her restaurant, Spring www.springrestaurant.co.uk. This is an exciting collaboration between farmer and chef.

We feel it a privilege to be part of the artistry, beauty  and philosophy which is at the heart of biodynamic growing.

The honest and challenging nature of growing food is central to why we do it. Our approach to what we grow is based on our enjoyment of cooking and eating.

We believe strongly that using biodynamic principles produces the highest quality food, in its taste, nutrition and integrity.

We offer an opportunity to work alongside us, to develop the skills and experience needed to produce beautiful food on a commercial scale, and to gain a good knowledge of what is involved in the running of a small, diverse biodynamic farm.

The work will mainly involve the production of fruit  vegetables and flowers for sale; this will include the sowing of seeds, planting, weeding and cultivation right through to harvesting. There will also be daily involvement with our Hereford cattle, sheep and poultry, which will generally be feeding them, and attending to their welfare.

Applicants must have a serious approach to growing food, and be willing to work hard to achieve high standards. They also need to have some years of having worked for their living in any form of employment.

We can provide accommodation in a static caravan. We are able to accept apprentices at any time, however we require that they volunteer for one month allowing them and ourselves to get to know each other before committing to the two years of the apprenticeship.

If you are interested in applying for the position, please send a C.V and letter of introduction to Jane Scotter via email fernverrow@btopenworld.com

Newton St Margarets, Herefordshire