1 BD student place

Contact: Ward Smis

Address: Camphill Grangemockler, Templemichael, Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

Tel: 0877080262



Tutors: Ward Smis and Jarrad Ferguson

Camphill Grangemockler is situated in the green rural countryside of Tipperary near the hill Slievenamon. The farm has 35 acres farm land with 1/3 of the land suitable for cultivation. There is the ½ acre garden with polytunnels and glasshouse and the farm with angus cross cattle, sheep, saddleback pigs and poultry and roughly 2 acres of field vegetables. The farm is currently (2016) developing the start up of the dairy and its dairy herd (shorthorn). Produce go to the community, other Camphill communities and local organic growers.

Camphill farms are centres of social inclusion where people of all abilities have a chance to contribute to the place.

BD students work alongside the staff and day-attendees or sometimes independently on the land. They take part in regular tutorials and extensive study. Trying to create a balance between production, self development and social engagement. The student will travel 3 times a year to the U.K. for seminars.


Ward Smis:

I feel strongly passionate and committed to work and care for the land. To teach and bring people of all abilities together for the same task is a very rewarding part of this. I started farming in 2007 in Norway where I set-up a sheep farm. After that I did the BD apprentice training in the U.K. at Hungary Lane Farm (300 acre mixed farm) and moved on to Ireland where I since 2 years run the farm for Camphill Grangemockler. Most of my experience is with cattle, sheep and chicken husbandry and field-vegetable growing. Since 2012, I am strongly involved with the Biodynamic Association of Ireland. I am very inspired with a biodynamic approach where science, spirituality and social engagement go hand in hand and I so feel a wholeness in agriculture.