Akiki Organics
Elms Farm
North Piddle

Tel: 01905 381420

Akiki Organics is a small holding of 12 acres in Worcestershire, farming to biodynamic standards.

Our aim is to be self sufficient, producing a range of products that meets the needs of our large family. When we took over the farm ten years ago it was very neglected with only a few trees remaining in the orchard. With a lot of hard work we are now achieving our aim of producing foods as close as possible to nature and bringing our fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat, juices and preserves to London and other venues around the country for you to share.

Our learning opportunities:

The person interested has to be sure he/she wants to work and learn and to take this opportunity further. Our farm offers loads of challenges, satisfaction and learning skills. You will learn almost everything you need to know about growing and looking after animals. We have top fruit, soft fruit and mixed variety of salad and veg all year around and in season. You will have the chance to learn how to grow, look after, harvested and sell through farmers market around the country. It is something that you will not find in many farms, that you will get exposed to so many skills, and the opportunity to apply to be the farm manger if you where up to the job at the end of your training.

Organic farming is about freedom, freedom for fruit and veg to grow at there own pace, freedom for animals to roam and eat a natural diet and freedom from synthetic input. The use of pesticides, nitrates, antibiotics and genetically modified foodstuffs are prohibited by organic regulation and farms are closely insepcted to ensure high standards of food production are adhered to. Farming to Demeter standards ( food is produced unadultered without additives, solvents or irradiation with external inputs kept to a minimum.

Produce grown on Elms Farm is sold directly to the consummer either through our online shop (to be launched soon) or at Farmers Markets offering the opportunity to meet the producer directly. We sell seasonally grown fruits and vegetables, grown within a drivable distance of the market that has been picked within 12 hours of setting up the stall.

We have chosen this traditionally, community based way of selling as we have many customers who believe, as we do, that it is important to know exactly what you are eating, the impact production has had on the environment and the route food takes to their table.

We are located at Elms Farm in North Piddle, Worcestershire, situated off the A422 Stratford to Worcester road, sighnposted North Piddle.